Dreamt of Mom, Finally

Monday night / Tuesday morning I finally had a normal dream with Mom in it. This would technically be my 3rd time dreaming on Mom since she died. The 1st time was the very vivid dream where she had white spirals of proteins coming out of her eyes and I failed to get her to the hospital in time to keep her from dying. The 2nd time may or may not be considered “Mom”, since it was one of those dreams where someone you know responds to and it going by the name of someone else you know, and all of you think that person really is the other person. You know, like when your coworker appears in your dream and you go “Hi Aunt Bonnie” and she responds, and everyone in the dream (including you) thinks this person who looks like your coworker is your Aunt. I had one of those 5 or so weeks ago where an acquaintance I know showed up and everyone called her Marjory and I called her Mom and in the dream that was who she was even though she didn’t look or act like Mom. So now, finally, I have dreamed of my Mom. For real. No drama.

What prompted this post is I just now FINALLY found a video with Mom in it. I had lost all hope of a video with Mom. But I have one. It’s of Mom reading to Amber and trying to play with her. To see her again. Hear her voice. *sad smile* I’m just glad I can watch it without breaking down.

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