Defending my Friday

I get 1 day. 1! Day! Not even a whole day and night. And what happens? The health department shuts down the new daycare. *sigh*

The last time I remember having 1 Day, and it actually was a whole day and night that time, was while pregnant with Aurora. So 3.5 years ago. I remember a co-worker asking me what I was doing that weekend, and my response was “Defending my Saturday.”

The last time I remember having 1 Night, so no day, just evening and night and I had to ask special for extra two hours the next am so I could sleep in and shower alone, was my cousin Aleese’s birthday celebration in early 2017.

So my one day is gone. Money has allowed me to salvage up to 5 hours of it. Which with traveling actually is more like 4, or 3.5 hours. Again, *sigh*

Maybe I’ll get a true 1 Day in 5 years or so. In the meantime, gonna try to make the most out of my Hours.

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