The Crib Is Gone… :(

I sold the convertible crib today. *sad pout* I don’t have any more babies….

The buyer at the store commented on how nice the crib was despite it’s age (9 years), how it was well made and whatnot. She remembered seeing it at Babies-R-Us. I replied, “That’s where it came from!” and “Oh yes. My Mom bought it. Only the best for her grand-baby.” And I then of course had to point out that the crib mattress was a 25 year warranted one, which Mom bought intentionally, and I had been like “25 year mattress? For a baby?!?”

And that was the trigger for today. Put me in “stage 3″ as Marlon described it. Sucking my pout lip in and out as I cried behind the wheel of my car. (I was parked for the bulk of it.)

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