Watch Out What You Offer

Yesterday was my last “midterm” exam, and all papers / videos / debates already done. Final exams start next Friday, with an important class day on Tuesday. So I told my kids if they’re going to get sick, as in need to stay home sick, the next 6 days is the time to do it.

Last night Aurora was up multiple times with coughing fits of varying duration, and woke this morning with a low grade fever in the morning (99.7). Today I get a call from Amber’s school that she’s complaining it hurts and her throat feels cold when she breathes in. I checked in on her and her tonsils are swollen.

Neither have stayed home / come home early yet. Amber’s rapid strep test was negative so I took her back to school’s after care. Aurora seems to be doing “better” tonight after an initial rough round of coughing while trying to fall asleep.

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