Plan D has been revoked

Plan D has been revoked. I will simply be trying to make it through the rest of the semester with an A- average. There will be no attending Medical school for the Fall of 2019 for me. It will have to be 2020.

Any suggestions of what I can do during the dreaded “gap year” will be entertained starting May 25th.


> Alice Dancler: I wish you lived closer! I wish I could help!

Thank you. There’s really nothing anyone can do to help. There simply isn’t enough time given my current mental-emotional state. It’s taking me so much more effort to get non-kid things done. Sitting at the end of class trying to make sense of the stuff the professor just said because I’m not grasping meaning or connections like I usually do. Because things aren’t sticking like they used to do. To force myself to keep paying attention to reading or homework because my ability to concentrate is shot. To force myself through the not-caring about school work because I know I used to care about this stuff and I know I will care again someday. It’s just so much more effort, and there isn’t any room to give me the extra time I need to push through the mental cloud.

One of my advisors is recommending I drop a class as well as having given up on plan D. I’m so far into the semester, I don’t want to. It’d be such a waste of time and money and the effort I have put in so far. But I don’t know if it’d do more harm or more good to keep all my current classes.

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