I know I have broken my policy of not posting current political events issues.


I have been so angry the last 3 days and nights, I haven’t been able to sleep. This is destroying me, I’m so tired it’s affecting my daily life. I can’t stay quiet anymore.

Monday, I had a sudden realization that “children” also means Toddlers and Babies. Young children, toddlers, babies, those under 6, under 8, have been taken away from their parents – even their siblings. They have been placed with strangers. They have no ability to know why. All they know is their safety net is gone. Even those who may be very social, will eventually want, look for, and emotionally need their family. But no family member will be there. The children will be confused, scared, and eventually cry in fear. Only to be surrounded by other children too young to console them and adults who won’t (or can’t).

Last night Aurora woke up scared. She started to make her way to my room, but her calling for me had woke me up so I met her part way. I hugged her and escorted her back to bed, assuring her everything was okay. She laid back down in bed, and after I put her blanket over her legs she calmed down and fell right back to sleep.

I, however, could not fall back asleep. I lay in bed trying to find a way to dreamland, but could only think about those children – awake in the dark of night, crying for their mom or dad… who never come…

Because of our current government.

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