Explanation for Part of Dr. Strange Movie

On Tuesday I finally say Dr. Strange (the 2016 one).

Wednesday night, I got to see the story of how the man ended up with a bullet against the cerebral spinal fluid at the bottom of his brain and why his generic wife and 2 kid family was waiting at the hospital with him. I saw this story while I slept.

It involved a highly intelligent bear (thought not quite high enough) provoking the man by individually threatening the members of man’s family while they were out on a family trip, that therefore had to turn into a hunting trip, and the bear being painfully patient (and seemingly annoyed) but also taunting in a droll way while the man loaded, assembled (yes, in that order), and then un-secured his gun. Now that I think of it, reminds me of Pa prepping his gun in the Little House on the Prairie books. Anyway, the bullet in the man’s neck / head was his own, somehow deflected and reflected by a contraption the bear apparently had set up beforehand (which explains why the bear was willing to extend and draw out the perceived threatening attacks on the family members in a very specific location), so that the man accidentally shot himself in the back of the head. And while that shot moved too fast for me to see how the contraption worked, it was also slow enough that the man got off another shot to save his family from the bear.

It was a very delusional dream. It didn’t even seem like a solid story line while it’s going on, thought it was very creative and mildly entertaining. It became ludicrous once I woke up and the laws of reality were back in play. Still, I was pleased to have an answer to that ridiculous, clearly not thought through, set up for making Dr. Strange awesome for a second and third time at the beginning of the movie.

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