I can’t.

I can’t. I simply can’t force myself to do more anymore. I’ve thought of plenty of things still to do here in the house this last night we live here, but I can’t motivate myself to do even one of them this time. Even if I tell myself they need to be done, and actually do want to do a couple of them, I just can’t. There isn’t any more upmh, “go”, or gumption tonight.

I finally managed to drag myself off of bed when I remembered to take some Airborne (aka Emergen-C) because I just CAN’T GET SICK now. Even though I’ve been fighting off Aurora’s colds (one bad for 24 hours) and pinkeye all week, and now fighting off Amber’s bad cold (48 hours for her so far). So I’m sitting up now, brain still running, body only doing enough to get ready for bed and be able to sleep well tonight. Oh, and typing.

Good Night, All. Be well. Love you, Miss you. See you on the other side of this craziness!

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