Joys of Home Ownership, 1 Month Before Selling…

Came home around 8:15pm, started putting the girls to bed. Wondered how big of a BM Amber had to make that smell in the bathroom. Minutes later wondered why the same smell was in Amber’s bedroom….

After finishing bedtime routines, I went outside to bring in the bins and get the mail. Walked back into the house: why am I smelling that bathroom smell here now too? It smells like… sewer…. OH NO!

Open the basement door: stronger smell. Dash down to the basement. Yup. Drain beneath the water heater and furnace is backed up in a big ‘ole puddle! Smells NASTY.

9pm. Check with neighbors. Immediate next door has same problem. They already have a plumber on site who says he can’t fix it. Call city. Man who answers the phone sends Water Treatment Guy.

We spent a long time trying to find the manhole cover for the problematic sewer, but it was found. Water Treatment Guy gives us each a paper slip saying the City of Ann Arbor will pay for cleanup of our basements and to call Belfor. Water Treatment Guy says we’ll know when the city is fixing the problem when we see a big @$$ yellow truck.

Called Belfor right about 10:30pm. Said a cleanup crew will be here within an hour.

Heard it before I saw it. The big @$$ yellow truck is here.

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