Tentatively, yes that was a meteor. If so, it was actually bright enough to be considered a fireball.

It might also have been a bolide, which is a fireball that explodes in the sky. The reason that is being considered is that many people are reporting hearing an explosion after seeing the light.

A little after 8:05pm EST, I was inside my house sitting by the front door on the stairs with my children catching up on my eldest’s day. A super bright white light flashed twice right at the house. My first thought was lightning, but there was no thunder (nor storm). My second thought was someone had pointed their car at my house and flashed those new LED headlights at us. But by the time I got to the door’s side window and looked out, I saw nothing.

A minute or two later I heard a large crash type sound. I thought a truck out on Scio Church or I-94 had an accident.

200 reports and counting of whatever this was. More info at:

If you saw it, report it!

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