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The Near Future of Internet Security

I was listening to my brother and a family friend, both of whom are software developers, on New Year’s day talk about the digital security aspects and policies of their companies. It was enlightening, and a bit frightening. They spoke … Continue reading

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Tentatively, yes that was a meteor. If so, it was actually bright enough to be considered a fireball. It might also have been a bolide, which is a fireball that explodes in the sky. The reason that is being considered … Continue reading

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It’s Official

It’s official! AHHHHHHH! :D :D “Dear Jennifer, Congratulations! We would be delighted to have you join MEDPREP at the University of Michigan.”

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Why is your foot in my ear?

Filed under questions you never thought you would ever ask, but then you had kids: “Why is your foot in my ear?” – Me, last night, while sitting in a chair

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End of Year Cards Being Sent

It’s made me very happy to be getting holiday / New Year’s cards after the new year! Two so far! Why? Because I only just finished up my own holiday / New Year’s letters! The pictures were printed at the … Continue reading

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