Joy Joke

So we’re having dinner at my step-sister Liz and her husband Ben’s new house. It’s a Sunday, mid-December. My other step-sister Joy is there too, as are my Dad and step-Mom Colette. Joy is her usual funny self, making puns (which I love) and opposite expectation jokes. I hardly notice anything is amiss.

After a while, Amber starts saying “CJ” in a drawn out un-amuzed groan type way. I don’t get it. I do notice it’s always after her Auntie Joy says something in a laughing way. Finally, Joy says she needs to get dressed in a tank top, shorts, and flipflops so she can go out in the snow.

Amber replies “See – Jaaaaay” in that way again.

I can’t take it and ask almost exasperatedly, “What does see-jay mean?”

Liz is first to answer, with Joy also responding as a quick echo, “It means Classic Joy.”

Amber immediately amends their answer, saying flatly, “It means Bad Joke.”

We all laughed so hard!

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