Blood Journey

I just got a notification from the Red Cross Blood Donor app that my blood has been sent to Cleveland Clinic. This is so cool!

If you make an appointment to donate through the Blood Donor app, it will track your donation through it’s “Blood Journey”. You don’t find out who (all) gets your blood, but apparently you do find out where it goes once it’s needed!

It says in storage for up to a certain amount of time depending on what you donated (whole blood can be separated into it’s components if needed):
- 42 days for red blood cells
- 5 days for platelets
- 1 year for plasma

I donated whole blood on 7/29. It went into storage around 7/31 – 8/1 (I don’t remember exactly, and the app isn’t telling me anymore). So about 21 days in storage for this donation.

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