Not me…

Saw U of M tours being given today, and I was sad. Sad because it won’t be me (taking a tour of the University). :( At least, not this year, it seems.

Oddly enough, last night I had one of those at-college-but-still-working-my-job dreams. Only this time, for the first time in my waking life, the college stress dream was actually about college – well Grad school to be specific. Which I have started saying, but haven’t fully accepted as fact because I’m currently avoiding the whole issue: I think I’ve decided that I’m not applying for Med School this year for entrance in 2018. Which completely sucks, because it means I have to wait another two years, instead of just one. But, I can’t honestly expect to get into either of my Med Schools of choice with the bad MCAT overall score I got, nor can I realistically expect to be able to self-learn biochem and organic-chem in the evenings in 5 weeks, or even 8.

Anyway, the dream’s flavor was just arrived for the start of the school year (and not late after classes have already started, and not I can’t find every where I need to be / go, and not move in to where I’d be living fails for some reason). Surprisingly the stress dream part doesn’t start there. After three days -ish I realized finally that I probably should be leaving the dorm house at some point, and thus I figured both that I should call in to the school administration for my class schedule, and that I should tell my job that I was going to school. Here the stress dream part starts, but don’t remember hardly any of it now as of writing, and I think I woke up soon after anyway.

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