Missed Free Book

I have a free book from Shutterfly, the code for which ends today at midnight PDT. I TRIED *SO* hard, but I can’t get it done in time. I picked out the book theme, and went and found a bunch of backgrounds to make it better for the subject I want: Big Sister book. It took days, but I’ve finally pulled together all the pictures of Aurora from various sources (except my newest cell phone, which is 1.5 years old), and gotten through all the pictures of the girls together (including pics from my newest cell phone) and have been narrowing the set down for the book. I just 15 minutes ago finished categorizing them into possible page groups. But now it’s my bedtime. Even if I stayed up ’til midnight, I don’t know if I could get it done, and I’d pay for staying up that late. I’ve made that bad decision enough in the last few weeks to know I don’t want to. (I’m trying to break myself of the bad-decision-to-stay-up-too-late-because-I’m-so-tired habit I’ve been in.) Maybe, _maybe_ if I ran up until the code expires at 3am… assuming that would be a good decision in order to get a free book from Shutterfly instead of another bad decision… and trying to fight my future tired and thus brain inept self to remember that I won’t be able to make everything perfect, ever color, every picture placement, every word… but then I’d be useless tomorrow. Highly likely unable to do more than minimal at work, and would have to go to bed right after the kids, which means losing a night’s worth of effort towards being ready for our trip this weekend.

*sigh* :( I guess I’ve already decided, it’s not worth the $20-some the free book costs. Though I do want to stay up to make it. But I don’t want to sabotage myself so close to having to drive alone with a 2 year old and a(n almost) seven year old to Massachusetts. Well, I’ve done a lot of the work. Here’s hoping somehow somewhere another free book code comes my way before either Amber’s birthday or in time for Christmas.

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