I loathe Summer

Summer is awful. I despise Summer. I loathe Summer.

I’m glad so many of you are out there enjoying it. I truly am. Someone should, so it’s not just a waste of a season. But, I’m not one of you.

It’s too HOT. UGH. So yucky. Even when not sticky or unbreathably, oppressively humid. My body stops functioning at 85 degrees, it starts to shut down. I move so much slower, and all my body wants to do is sleep. SUCKY.

It’s too BRIGHT for TOO LONG. The freaking Sun is up 2 hours before I am, and I get up around 7am, and it stays up WAAAY to late at night. Last light around 10pm!? How does anyone get any decent length of sleep? Can’t even be up much for looking at the night sky, or feeling the cool-ish air on the not crappy nights.

It’s not just me, you know. Plants, even animals, suffer in Summer too. Grass goes brown and dormant. Flowers wilt, garden crops droop, even leaves turn brown and crisp. It gets ugly outside, as in literal ugliness to look at.

And on top of all that horribleness, everyone goes away in Summer. And I’m still here… Isolated… abandoned. It does make me want to cry sometimes.

It’s all just so draining. I loathe Summer. One long trudgery from the beauty and contentment of Spring to the glory and welcomed release of Autumn.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Summer is my seasonal depression time. If I haven’t been reaching out to you to hang out or chat or keeping up in my normal way, it’s NOT because I’m too busy. It’s because I don’t have the strength to try. Or because the daily struggle has temporarily removed you from my functional memory. Which only makes it all worse, because social interaction is one of the few things that truly re-energizes me.

And it’s only the middle of July. The worst of it is still to come. :(

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