Outerspace is so interesting

I found out last night that Venus and Mars do not have magnetospheres. But Mercury does! WHAT?! Mercury doesn’t even have an atmosphere! (I knew this last one.)

However, Venus is still protected from solar wind because of its amazingly dense atmosphere! Crazy stuff!

Outerspace is so interesting.

Now I want to know the following for each planet (and dwarf planet). I forced myself to go to bed before I could do the research.
- How many Moons?
- How many Rings?
- Orbital plane inclination?
- Has an Atmosphere?
- Has a Magnetosphere?
- Is Layered / Has a Core?
- Larger or Smaller than Ganymede? (The largest moon in our solar system, one of Jupiter’s moons)
- Anything noteworthy about its Rotation?

Actually, to be factual:
- Venus does has an extremely weak magnetosphere, but it’s useless
- Mercury does kind of have an atmosphere, but it’s SO tiny, thin, and variable it’s just the exosphere part of an atmosphere. It doesn’t keep in heat, it doesn’t do much of anything that an atmosphere does.

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