Blessed to Be Able to

On my way to take the MCATs 2 1/2 weeks go, I had a LOT of energy from anticipation. I was also excited: FINALLY! I am getting to move forward, to take a step forward, on this path towards becoming a doctor! But nervous energy or no, I needed to burn it off. So I turned on some music and sang and “danced” as I drove.

After I was settled, I started thinking about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – one of the subjects I needed to know for the test – and I felt VERY thankful. All my needs are met: physical (food, shelter, clothing, etc), safety (relatively, being in Ann Arbor) and security (job, emergency fund, experience, etc), love and belonging (my children, family, friends, single Mom’s group, church), and even esteem. Not only are all my needs met, but I have the opportunity now for self-actualization, I was on my way to try and achieve more of my potential. I’m just SO BLESSED, and I was feeling it strongly that morning. Have to thank God, and all the support I’ve had in my life.

Thank You!

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