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When doctors or their forms ask if there’s any history of cancer in my family, I scoff and say “My family IS the history of cancer!” Apparently that applies to those who marry in too. Second Uncle in 7 months … Continue reading

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What Galileo Likely Saw – Moons Around Jupiter

I can not believe I haven’t shared this video of Jupiter being orbited by its 4 largest moons yet. I will do so now, as it’s extremely relevant to my planet viewing event next Friday! The dramatic music really does … Continue reading

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Outerspace is so interesting

I found out last night that Venus and Mars do not have magnetospheres. But Mercury does! WHAT?! Mercury doesn’t even have an atmosphere! (I knew this last one.) However, Venus is still protected from solar wind because of its amazingly … Continue reading

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Solar System Explained From the Inside Out (Infographic)

From This is fantastic. View the image, then scroll down.

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Astronaut Class of 2017

Congrats Astronaut Class of 2017! 5 women, 7 men. Decent ratio there! The last class was 50 / 50. 3 minorities out of 12. They did better than the last class (which was 1 out of 8, in 2013). … Continue reading

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Blessed to Be Able to

On my way to take the MCATs 2 1/2 weeks go, I had a LOT of energy from anticipation. I was also excited: FINALLY! I am getting to move forward, to take a step forward, on this path towards becoming … Continue reading

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