Funding for NASA under this Republican Government

Color me surprised, and not unhappily:
“President Trump just signed a bill authorizing $19.5 billion in funding for NASA — the first such authorization bill for the space agency in seven years.

The bill more or less aligns with the budget blueprint Trump laid out last week. NASA won’t face the same cuts as other science and medical agencies,”

Also, fantastic news:
“NASA’s retired astronauts will receive lifetime health care for all space flight-related issues.”

Okay, I’m not at all surprised by this:
“The authorization bill mandates that NASA can’t acquire space flight services from a foreign entity unless there are no NASA vehicles or U.S. commercial providers available. It also directs the space agency to look into ways to boost the private space industry.”

I read that as: The USA needs to stop having to use the Russians to get into space, and should be helping companies make money off of outer space.

“You could send Congress to space,” Cruz suggested, “We could,” Trump said. “What a great idea that could be.”

YES! PLEASE do send Congress on a trip to space and back! Every astronaut I’ve heard of says that a trip into space changes your understanding of the world. There’s even a famous quote about sending politicians into space so they can realize what’s actually important.

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