Election Reaction, continued

November 10th, 11th, 12th – 2016:

I’ve never seen outside my house look so… dank. Odd, how the trees, the bushes, the grass, the roads, the old wood fence, the aging fallen leaves, the branches, how all of it look a shade darker than normal yet there aren’t any clouds out. The air looks heavy. Everything is hanging limply, drooping, even the solid things. Outside doesn’t feel inviting, it feels foreboding.

On one of these days I go into mourning for all the things we are going to loose:
- My eldest’s school, I love this school. Just so much.
- Our little neighborhood. It’s just like the one I was born into, my ideal kind of neighborhood. I was immensely lucky it evolved as it did.
- My church, I have found / heard of so few others like it.
- And strangely, the Ann Arbor District Library’s Summer Game (which I never got around to writing the final post about, which included how proud Amber was to have earned the messenger bag for me that I wanted)

I can tell I’m depressed by my complete lack of interest in things I was passionate about only days before: Stopping the Ann Arbor Deer Cull. Stopping the sale of the young forest that is both across the street from my children’s daycare and next to the wet lands protected / cared for by the Pittsfield branch of the AADL. (Those are the two I remember now, I think there was more that I have lost memory of over time).

Though, I am still very interested in, and enjoying, time with my children. So clearly I’m not completely broken.

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