Drowing my sorrows in Twix, Chips, and later tonight Chinese food. ’cause I’m an emotional eater.

Why? Well I went to donate blood today. My first time since getting pregnant! I was SO EXCITED, you have no idea! I miss donating blood.

No appointments were available until 4:45pm and that would be too late for me to get back to pick up my daughter. So I arrived at the Ann Arbor American Red Cross Blood Donors center shortly before 1pm as a walk-in. The lady at the front desk told me all appointments get taken first, and they were booked up for the afternoon, so unless there was a cancellation, it was going to be a long time before I could donate. (Then she wouldn’t let me put my name on the list, go get gas, and come back… but whatever.) So I say fine, I’ll wait (I had about 45 min before having to head back to work), and get all signed up, and settle in. At 1:30 all the people who had arrived before me or with me were already in. At 1:45 when the nurse called for the next appointment, everyone who had arrived after me and didn’t know what was going on looked to me to go up. I said I was a walk-in, and since there were still 1:30 appointments waiting their turn, the nurse started with the 1:30 peoples. But I noticed only two people for 1:45 were there, and every time slot has three spots. Even though it was making me late back to work, I stayed to see if I could still squeeze in a donation. It would be totally worth being late if I was able to donate. At 2pm the 1:30 appointments were all through and it was evident one of the three 1:45 appointments was a no show. So minutes later when the nurse called for the next appointment, and the first 1:45 appointment was going in, I asked to take the spot of the cancellation (as the lady at the front desk said I could) which would be the third 1:45 appointment. The nurse said no.

No?? Seriously?? I saw two people before me be turned away (one was low iron she said, the other was high blood pressure he said), and a third person was a no show. Here I am ready to donate, to make up for one of those three, and am told no because I was a walk in. Who waited over an hour to take the spot of a cancellation, like I was told I could if it happened, and when it happened was told no.

Sucky. I wanted to cry.

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