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YEEES! I work for NASA!

Unpaid. But, still a dream come true! For the year 2017 I will be one of JPL’s Solar System Ambassadors. (That’s an ambassador from the solar system to my local community, not the other way around.)

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Drowing my sorrows in Twix, Chips, and later tonight Chinese food. ’cause I’m an emotional eater. Why? Well I went to donate blood today. My first time since getting pregnant! I was SO EXCITED, you have no idea! I miss … Continue reading

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I know I’ve been very much in the holiday spirit this season. Yay! I had no idea how RIDICULOUSLY excited I am to wrap presents next to the Christmas tree while Christmas specials play!

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So I’ve been going to therapy for my fear of flying. Last week (Dec 2nd) I had a minor epiphany / break through: My brain has been lying to me! The reason I don’t have to do all those things … Continue reading

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Winter Village – Finally Exists!

We got our Winter Village up over the weekend. Will add the Toy Shop next year, and hoping to also add the new train!

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Yesterday (Saturday): What the H#!!?? I’m sick, AGAIN?! Nov 20th, which I’ve posted about, turned out to be Strep Throat. Nov. 26th was either a relapse of Strep or a Sinus infection (I felt the pressure in my facial sinuses … Continue reading

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