Weekend Sick Sucks

What does a single Mama do on the weekend (no daycare :( ) when she’s so sick it’s hard to get up (and it turns out later she’s not very safe to drive), her Dad is so sick too, her step-Mom is just getting over being sick, her awesome neighbors have both a school play to attend (which her primary babysitter is in) and guests with a baby over, her great step-sister who she is sure would have loved to help does not have a ride in 30 degree weather, her cousins have their own young kids she doesn’t want to pass off these germs too, and her Aunts / Uncle are in various stages of unavailable or came over the day before to babysit?

She drops the kids off at church for a little morning care.

She puts the 1.5 year old down a little early and takes a long-ish nap.

She bribes her 6 year old to help with the 1.5 year old. Except for poopy diapers and pretzels on the highest shelf, she still has to deal with those herself.

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