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2:28am. I am going to bed. While the smallest of chances remains for Hillary, it would take a miracle. Also, Republicans won (held) the Senate. That, too, was very close, but for naught. So, unless the current congress decides to … Continue reading

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I got to see the Moon!

WOW! Just got to look through the U of M Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor’s 150 year old telescope that’s longer than a mini-van, about 200 magnification, completely mechanical and manually operated – and saw this! Except WAY better. In … Continue reading

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Visual Description Lost…

I saw possibly the most beautiful sunrise I ever have (definitely top 2) from our dining room window last Tuesday morning. I WISH I could remember it in detail like I could on Wednesday, so I could write about the … Continue reading

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Amelia Earhart

“New discovery could solve mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart” Woo! Yay! So cool!

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