Lost, Be Found!

So the sunglasses I lost last month resurfaced on Thursday. I swore I had brought them into the house! But I did good looking for them twice and couldn’t find them. Turns out I was really close. They were in the garage on my bicycle!

Then the shoe Aurora lost in early Summer reappeared on Sunday. I was certain we had left it at church, but I kept forgetting to check. I finally asked after a lost and found last month, and looked through it, but no, no little pink shoe. Then on Sunday when I drop Aurora off at the nursery on kick-off Sunday, as I turn to leave, there it is! Just sitting up on top of the cubbies.

Now I’m REALLY hoping the third lost item from this Summer turns up quick, Amber’s raincoat that’s red with big orange and colored flowers. Bigger problem is I can not figure out where in the world she left it. I know it came back from Massachusetts, all our coats did, and I’m sure I hung it up. I remember her wearing it some time that wasn’t actually rainy… but I can’t remember what we were doing or if we went anywhere. She didn’t come back in the house with it though… I think. I know when it finally did start raining here, she didn’t have it anymore. I’m really bummed about this one (as I was about all three of these), it’s so pretty, and it’s lined so it’s good for all Spring and Fall needs, warm or cold rain. Was totally going to pass it down to Aurora. Plus, now Amber doesn’t have a rain coat for this season!

To be fair, there was a third item lost in the middle August – because I remember the sunglasses, raincoat, and something else being three lost items in a week – making the Summer lost item total of 4. But I don’t remember what that other item was now. I believe I remember it was found after just a few days though.

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