The tweets this article choose to use says it all for me.

“Add “car breaking down” to the seemingly ever-growing list of things that can get you killed by cops if you’re Black.”

“The NYC bomber gets taken alive [after shooting two police officers] but a Black man in full surrender gets gunned down”

“Cops in video calling #TerenceCrutcher a “big bad dude” = just more proof that the FEAR of black people informs the level of FORCE by police”

“Those videos of the murder of #TerenceCrutcher do not look good whatsoever. Would love to know how he “looks like a bad dude”"

“Show me the video of ‘Good’ cops arresting bad cops. That’s the video I want to see on buzzfeed.”

“The @TulsaPolice execution of #TerenceCrutcher &the arrest of the #NYC bomber is pretty much the epitome of what @Kaepernick is kneeling for”


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