Perfect Moments

We had a perfect moment the weekend of Mother’s Day. Two, actually. The first was dinner Saturday, outside at the picnic table on the back deck, sitting with my two girls (Aurora in her high chair, Amber across from me) surrounded by beauty of Spring nature. We were all happy. We were talking, Amber and I anyway. And I was present in the moment, I was enjoying being there with them without my mind thinking of what else I needed to do or planning for whenever or rehashing something from the past. I don’t remember much other specifics now, sadly, but I remember looking at Amber and smiling, thinking “This is a perfect moment.”

The second was at brunch on Mother’s Day. It was so nice (even though Aurora kept dropping food and making messes). Amber was sitting next to me, on my right. Aurora was in a restaurant style not-so-high chair on my left. We were at my favorite Mother’s Day brunch buffet, which was at a hotel in a bright pretty banquet room with a harpist playing near one end (Amber really liked the harp music. She liked the live music there a few years back too, that was a guitarist I think). And even though it wasn’t really, I remember it as calming. A decent amount of the food was good, great fruit and dessert (great rhubarb pie!). I got my first unsolicited and unprompted by someone else Happy Mother’s Day, and lots of people complimented Amber’s hat. It was just nice there. And we three were happy.

After we got home, Amber gave me the card she picked out – without me! – and the gift she’d made at school. Wheee!

Then the crank monster showed up for the rest of the day. After grocery shopping I took us for ice cream at DQ, and Amber was better for about 5 minutes (okay, maybe 15), but it didn’t last even a little. The whole evening was severe crankiness. Oh well. I had a good Mother’s Day, if we say that Mother’s Day started Saturday late afternoon and ended about 24 hours later.

There was even a sweet sappy video at church that morning saying that Mothers show the world what God’s love looks like. Awww. Yes, I cried.

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