Mama’s Got You

Normally throughout my day I make up little ditties or sing different words to real songs. Yesterday I came out with a poem instead of a song.

Night before last Aurora woke up twice in the night crying, the second time after 4 min she was screaming like she never does, so at 5 am I throw off the covers and go check on her. I get to her room in time to hear a loud output from her butt. Still crying, I change her quite full diaper and settle her back to sleep.

Then that morning Aurora had two more diarrhea episodes, both of which came with extra fussiness and complaining, and when not in such pain she was extra cuddly. After one of the episodes I picked her up and said soothingly:

“You’re okay. Mama’s got you.” Realizing I don’t like being told how I am, I immediately continued:
“If you’re not okay, Mama’s got you.
Either way, Mama’s got you.

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