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Perfect Moments

We had a perfect moment the weekend of Mother’s Day. Two, actually. The first was dinner Saturday, outside at the picnic table on the back deck, sitting with my two girls (Aurora in her high chair, Amber across from me) … Continue reading

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Having nosebleeds freaks me out. I’ve never had them before this past January. This is now the third one I’ve had since January. I DON’T LIKE IT.

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Mama’s Got You

Normally throughout my day I make up little ditties or sing different words to real songs. Yesterday I came out with a poem instead of a song. Night before last Aurora woke up twice in the night crying, the second … Continue reading

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Magnetic reconnection -> slow solar winds?

Magnetic reconnection may be the cause of slow solar winds. Awesome. Swept Up in the Solar Wind

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“Bless her heart”

Well, being besties with a Southerner has finally rubbed off. I actually used “bless her heart” correctly this morning. At least I think it was correctly. What in the world am I still doing up? I was SO going to … Continue reading

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Professional Telescope Calibrations Use…

How do the professionals calibrate their telescopes? By tracking a planetary transit of the Sun. Wow! BEWARE: When they say “visible” they do NOT mean you can look up at the Sun at see it. “Because we know Mercury‚Äôs size … Continue reading

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