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New Transmisson Needed?

The local repair shop says Midnight (my car) needs a new transmission. :( Only 7.5 years old and 104,000-ish miles. Said second gear, as in the physical gear, is broke. Going for a 2nd opinion at the Honda dealership tomorrow … Continue reading

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Here’s What Space Actually Looks Like to the Human Eye

FINALLY! I agree with Mr. Benson, I cringe at false color images posted by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other reputable agencies. I don’t want to see those! I don’t care if they show something neat. I … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse To Totality Video!

This is crazy! So awesome! First the shadow of the Moon “descends” in the sky, then the Sun shrinks. In the middle of the video you can even see a black spot of the Moon against the Sun. (I’m sure … Continue reading

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Year In Space Done

Welcome Home, Astronaut Kelly! #YearInSpace is over. I just saw half of it in 30 min. WOW

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