I’ve Been Out of Touch Since Going Back to Work Full Time

To all my friends who I have not being keep up with: I miss you! Beth, Katie, Troy, Elizabeth, Lisa

To all my new friends who we’ve said we’ll get together (usually using the kids as an excuse
wink emoticon
) and we haven’t yet: I still want to! Juliana, Wallace, Anne, Sarah

… and anyone else I missed …

I really do want to get together with you, I’ve just been too tired to even figure out how to call / text you and ask if your schedule will match with a day and time my schedule works, and to think of something to do together. And the last week to two work has been filling all my non-kid time anyway, and even time I should be sleeping. Also assuming by the time we get to any scheduled hang out I don’t have to cancel it for some wimpy reason.

Really, in order to see anyone, I just need people to make plans and invite me. That’s pretty much how I’ve seen any of my family and family-friends recently. Marianne, Wendy, Moneca, Bonnie, Rich, Ana C, Derek, Tamara, Oreese, Aleese

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