Refrigerator Saga – 2

Since the demise of the fridge, things have gone some better. My biggest concern was loosing / maintainig the milk I had and would be pumping for Aurora. At first I got a bowl of ice from neighbor Laural. Then neighbor Darcy lent me a cooler with tons of ice in it, which lasted day and a half! One of the moms at my Mother / New Baby class lent me the mini-fridge from her workplace. BIG THANKS, Wallace! Having a mini-fridge solved the baby’s milk problem for me.

I didn’t want to get new refrigerator. I mean if they’re just going to go bad in under 5 years, as evidenced by the lack of 5 year warranties from any brand, then why in the world would I spend THAT much money? WASTE! But that meant not having a fridge until I was able to find a used one, which was not easy (trying is a different rant).

After a day or two, I realized that people used to live without refrigerators, so we could too. As long as we had milk! (“They” used to have blocks of ice delivered.) Which also thanks to the mini-fridge (our “daily block of ice”), we did. Milk for Amber and I that is. So we’ve made do, and it hasn’t been so bad. Frozen single burritos helped too. Sunday I started getting tired of food that could be made without refrigerated items. Though we did make a run to Laurel’s for butter for mac & cheese!

Getting tired of such food was okay, because yesterday I was able to go pick up a used fridge from a friend. He’d had it running in his garage for however long but never used it, and let me have it for Free! HUGE THANKS, Fry‚Äč! So glad he never called DTE to take it away for their $50 incentive.

I shall have to remember, if I ever replace old appliances that still mostly work, to not just get rid of them / recycle them / or let DTE take them away for money. They are worth so much more because they still run, and someone somewhere probably could really use them!

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