Walk Until

So for a couple days now I’ve had half a mind to just walk until the baby’s born (or perhaps more precisely until I go into labor). I keep commenting about it, and once in a while actually thinking about it.

Tonight I was thinking again how I have half a mind to just walk until the baby’s born. And when I went outside to get the mail, ended up I just kept walking. Right past the house steps. I didn’t go far away from the house, ’cause Amber was inside sleeping. But I walked all around the lawn, the sidewalks for half a block in each direction, all of little Dogwood Ct, different meandering “paths”. After the sun set and last light was waning, I went inside and walked all around the first floor, over and over.

I walked for an hour. Then I pooped for 5 minutes. Then I walked for another maybe 10 min. Finally I went to bed.

Elizabeth (my birth coach and neighbor), said 2 days before she went into labor with Addy (her second), she went for a long walk out at night in NYC. Nick, her husband, agreed she was gone a long time.

2 days then!

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