Jennifer Pregnancy Update

(This was originally an email I sent out)

Mostly just putting together an email list I can respond to after the baby’s born. But here’s what’s happened the last 1.5 weeks for those who haven’t heard:

Contractions last week, Wed. Turned out to be false labor. They stopped and were replaced with high BP on Thurs. One over zealous doctor (not mine) wanting to induce this past Monday. My doctor and I agreeing to try and give natural labor start a chance, but I’m scheduled for induction on Wed the 17th – my due date.

Another round of too high BP coupled with labored breathing this week, and being sent away from triage anyway yesterday. Annoying.

Contractions yesterday, stopped by 6am this morning. Started again about an hour ago, if not a bit earlier. No idea if this is false labor again or not!

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