It’s Baby Day I Say!

What you’ve all been waiting to hear about:

Yes, I’m having contractions. They are mild. I would not have noticed this afternoon if I had not been in triage this morning where the TOCO monitor showed I was occasionally having them. I have noticed I haven’t eaten much today, I hardly been hungry. Since waking up from my nap at about 4:10, after getting home around 2:15, I have noticed some contractions. But they’re easy… heh. Hopefully they progress!!

Yesterday morning I had a 1 hour session of having to breath deeply in order to get enough air, even while just sitting in the car, the last 15 min of which occurred while lying down motionless in my bed. Finally it passed, only to start again when I sat up. Then it really passed and I felt fine and went to work.

Last night about 9pm my BP started going up. I tried both my lower your BP tricks, but it still went up instead of down over the next 2 hours. Topped at 149/98 when I decided I wanted a “good” night of sleep before calling the doctor and being told I was going to be induced. So I went to bed, could start to feel my BP being high (which I haven’t been able to the last 7-9 days), even tried progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing techniques and that didn’t help. Eventually I fell asleep.

This morning the BP was highest yet, outside the dr’s office: 138/102. I called about 7:30am. Told to go to triage. Got us ready, bags and all, took Amber to daycare, started having a labored breathing episode again, picked up my prenatals. Eventually made it to triage about 10:30am. (It’s a longer drive to St. Joe’s then I thought). Got to walk a long way from the car to the door. Why don’t they have expectant – moms – in – labor parking spaces? I guess they expect you’re being driven and not driving yourself!

After about 2 hours I felt fine and my BP was back to normal for me (though there were a couple ups and downs while in triage this time). Another hour and blood work and urine came back normal, of course. They just checked those last week and Monday, respectively. I could have told you they were fine. No one seemed concerned about the hard time breathing episodes. One said to adjust my posture if that happens in pregnancy – like I didn’t know that! No, that wasn’t the reason, ugh.

No induction today. Call back if my BP gets too high again.

Why? So I can do this cycle AGAIN? No Thank You.

Why do the doctors make it seem such a big deal, very important, CALL US, go to triage! And then you get in there and it’s all made to seem like nothing’s wrong, or maybe just not wrong *enough* and I’m just overreacting. I was TOLD to react like this by my doctors! BAH.

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