Trip Out West

July 23rd to August 4th, 2006

I left MI on Sunday with my Aunt Bonnie, then left Chicago area on Monday with both my Aunts (Sherri being the second one) and too little sleep. We drove straight to Yellowstone with only a brief stop at the Corn Palace and an amazing moment as I the driver came upon the Missouri River. We spent all day (the 25th) at Yellowstone then drove straight through to Seattle. Brief time in Tacoma (26th) then a stop for a beautiful view of Seattle from a park and our first phone calls. The 27th I toured Seattle with my Aunts, underground and the Space Needle. We parted ways morning of the 28th, the same day I went to Mount St. Helen’s – WOW. On the 29th I went to NERO Seattle and slept a lot, fighting what I thought was a cold. Then I moved from the campsite to a hotel in Seattle on the 30th, and promptly sprained my ankle heading to the SciFi Museum. I still went to the temperate Rainforest on the 31st and hobbled around, because that was the whole point of the trip for me!, and because it was the last day I had my rental car. I managed to get to the SciFi Museum on 8/1, but was very slowed down by my cold resurging. Met back up with my Aunts on the 2nd in the evening and started heading back home. I had an interesting driving shift through the mountains of Idaho – “Fire In Progress, Do Not Stop” -, then we lost time in Wyoming while I got diagnosed with tonsilitis and waited for medication to be filled. We stopped at Mount Rushmore on the 3rd, and managed to make it to the Badlands that same night before the sun went down. We stopped again at Wall Drug, this time while most of it was open. And after dropping Sherri off in Indiana, Bonnie and I finally got home on the fourth.

Pictures: Trip Out West Gallery

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