Sure, Earthquake is Weather

So yesterday Amber’s up on her kitchen ladder helping make something to eat, and things in the house start rattling. Not unusual when a really large truck speeds too fast down Scio Church road. Except I didn’t hear anything. No truck. Not even a plane. In fact I probably wouldn’t have noticed the spoons shaking in their display racks if there was a loud noise accompanying it. It was that I could hear them distinctly that made me look up and see other loose items moving say “Why is the house is shaking?”

By the time Amber asked if the house was shaking, it was done. She hadn’t felt it. And truthfully I didn’t feel the house move at all either. Just noticed things inside were moving. I wondered, but told Amber it was probably a truck driving by. I wasn’t sure what else to say.

I’ve heard of MI having earthquakes, even while I’ve been here, but I’ve never actually felt one, they’ve been too low magnitude.

Apparently yesterday’s (5/2/15) was the 2nd strongest on record for the state of MI – a 4.2! Which still isn’t really big on the Richter scale (remember, it’s logarithmic not linear)

SO, I’ve been in a real earth quake now! (that I didn’t sleep through). Not exactly excited about that, but it wasn’t as big a deal as I would have thought.

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