Previous Posts About Trips I’ve Taken

Are all on the previous versions of my blog. Links:

January 1995 – Survival Weekend
(Not exactly a trip, but still an interesting experience!)

April 12-16, 1995 – Viaje A Espana (Part I)
April 16-21, 1995 – Viaje A Espana (Part II)

1 week in Summer 1999 – Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
(I realize now I don’t have a journal from this trip because it involved a very large river. Water. Not journal friendly. Nor did we have much gear with us, to have had extra room for such.)

Do not have notes / journals from (that I’ve found):
- Tennessee Visit, Jan. 2004
- Disney World trips growing up (there were 2)
- Everything but Disney trip to Orlando with Mom as older teen
- Move to MA Summer of 1986
- Vegas! Three times I believe – one after I moved to MI
- Canada with Amy, Summer 1997 I think
- South Carolina Visit, Aug. 2004
- Other trips to SC (one w/Kevin, one w/Bonnie to see baby Tegrim, one w/Bonnie for Emily’s wedding, one by myself to see baby Douglas)
- Montreal with Mom and Michael one Summer
- So many to MI as a kid, many of which included going Up North camping, Sleeping Bear dunes, and to Boblo Island or Cedar Pointe
- Camping trips with Dad, Ghost town in U.P., Mackinac Island, other misc MI places
- Mexico while working at Biosphere 2, Summer 1998
- Trips for Star Trek conventions: Toledo Canada, Pennsylvania, Boston (from MI)
- Trips to NYC
- Trip(s?) to D.C.
- Work trip to L.A. by myself at 22
- Skiing trips (with church growing up, with work twice)
- ?

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