Cruise to Bermuda, Part III

October 26, 2008
        More October 25, 2008. After Dolphins, (Michael showed up literally as I was getting out of the “pool”) we went back to the ship, dropped off what we’d bought, and went to dinner. Our table was full that night (formal night it ended up being just the 3 of us). After dinner we saw the show – An Illusionist. I hadn’t seen one in person before. Then to If you know it, sing it competition. I had fun, though we didn’t win. I’m getting a reputation for being that singing girl! Somewhere in here was movie song trivia.
        Then Kareoke started. I wasn’t eligible for this round, but got to sing nonetheless. Twice, actually. Once in a duet with Mom; “Somewhere Out There”. Mom could qualify. The on my own near the end; “Creep”. I’ve been wanting to do that one in Kareoke for months. Now I have! And I know I’m not that good at it. (It is on the very low edge of my range, but I wanted to try.) Who was advancing to the finals was not announced.
        Off to bed. I had a hard time falling asleep. Stayed up muchish later than I wanted. I was quiet in port. Had to turn on the TV quietly to help calm (tame) my thoughts. It went off before I was asleep, but I ended up being okay. Mom came in a couple minutes later, but I fell asleep quickly then. End October 25, 2008.
        This morning I didn’t get up anytime near what I’d planned. I thought I’d sleep the extra hour (and a few) I’d stayed up, but it ended up being even more than that. I didn’t know I needed so much sleep! Still, I had a great fun dream over the night, and two more vivid ones after I woke up first because of something, which also got Mom up, then Mom shower, then the alarm (or vice versa). I also woke up once in the middle of the night when I knocked over my soda bottle, already on the floor, with my blanket. (Of course every night so far I’ve kinda woken up to reposition either the covers or myself – arms typically.)
        I was awake awake just about to change, when Mom came back. When I was ready we went to food (for me), then came back to the room to get our stuff to head out on land, got Michael, food again (for him), then went ashore. We took the littler train trolly that pulled right up in front of us. Ended up at the Clocktower Mall, and went shopping there for a bit. I didn’t want to, but oh well. Then over to the ceramics shop, which was cool though a little expensive. (Actually, almost everything in King’s Wharf was.) But the artist clearly displayed and sold out of his studio. Cool. Next we came across the Glass works and so went in. Pretty stuff! I really liked the angel(s). Then over to the Craft’s Market, the only shopping place I’d wanted to go to! Not as great as I’d hoped, but what you’d expect based on the sign. The prices were better though. Michael finally found a gift for Amanda, AND everyone agreed it was good!
        I had been rocky type of off balance for a tiny bit off and on while on shore, starting in the Mall. Here it turned into dizziness-like cloudy head, post accident vertigo reminicent. I had to sit. Michael said he was feeling dizzy too. So it “wasn’t me”. Perhaps the cookies we’d eaten just before leaving the boat we thought?
        All done, back to the boat with Michael and I so we could make the 1pm ring toss. Michael decided the other day (according to Mom) that he was going to win himself a medal. I REALLY want him to. Mom stayed ashore, planning to come back around 2pm. All Aboard is 3pm. The boat in before us – which was why we were anchored in the middle of the large sound – we’re too big for Hamilton’s port and the Explorer of the Seas was ahead of us – and so in King’s Wharf’s only large ship dock – its passengers hadn’t heeded All Aboard yesterday, which ticked off some people I heard, but the boat waited on them, which had made our boat have to wait too to get into dock, which is why Michael was so late to Dolphin Quest. Anyway!
        We made it early to the ring toss. In the end, a guy who arrived just as we finished but was allowed to enter ended up winning. Michael had checked the scores shortly before the end and pointed out that the only kid in the contest (maybe 14?) hasn’t been scored properly, which was nice of Michael because it gave the kid second place instead of none. Michael didn’t get a medal. I won silver for the women’s part. Turns out for some of the games the 1st, 2nd + 3rd place get extra vitality points! I gave my extra two over the one for participating to Michael. Then we went to lunch – Lame. Lunch has been pretty bad every day. At least the dinners are good! (Mostly) I then went back to the cabin and took a nap, after which my head felt better. I has set the alarm to make sure I didn’t sleep too long and a nap turn into real sleep. Managed to get up a few minutes after the alarm and up to the line dance class. Met Mom there, Michael showed up too.
        The boat pulled away from the dock just after the class ended. 3:40… so maybe it was after / as we ate? I thought we were in Wind Jammer. Yeah, b/c Michael and I ate quick then went up to the walk-a-mile. He wanted to get down with it first to get extra Vitality reward points. He had gotten two last time he went, it turned out b/c he’d finished first, not third!
        After that was the $10 sale in the shops. Oye. Moved on to the photo room, where Michael handed off a bag and Mom to me to help, and left. Mom and I looked at and decided through pictures until 5, when I went up to find the closest to the pin game – whatever that was.

Disco Trivia
Long talking!
Food in cafe I should have been having lunch in, geez!
Then down to The Quest…
Lots of people turn out for trivias now, not as cool. Can still have fun though, if with / near pleasant people.

I’ve been writing for over an hour now. Meant to go to bed 45 minutes ago, or more! I’ve had the balcony door open, listening to the waves / surf. Mmm……. I think it’s raining! From the sound out there now too.. Yup, it is! I love rain. But I really should be asleep. And it’s starting to get cold. Oh well. Wanted to write before more happened for me to try to remember.
                                                                        Good Night!

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