Cruise to Bermuda, Part II

October 25, 2008
        What a great morning! I went up to do the 8:30am walk (waited on breakfast for it) and Bermuda was all around! We’re anchored in the middle of the harbor. Panoramic! I saw King’s Wharf, but can’t figure out which cluster of buildings is the Hamilton. As I was walking around and around, a rainbow come out! Beautiful. This must be Bermuda!

Nose peeling a little… it was red yesterday morning b/c it was sun burned! Ah. But when?
Boat rocking calmed shortly before 7am
Tender tickets
Waited on Mom
Tender tickets
Changed + Showered + packed
Tender Tickets w/Arguement
Found Michael
Hamilton + Shopping
Ferry to King’s Wharf
To Maritime Museum / DQ (Dolphin Quest)
It’s the place from my dreams! – House on hill w/ wedding w/ way (ramp) up on right side (wall).
Dolphins! Playing or Fighting?

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins
        Live in shallow waters in coves and …

                                    Tatem             – Male
siblings            _/        Summers        – Male         Broke jaw as a child ( :( aw)
pink bellies        \        Elee                – Female
        Dolphins have belly buttons!
        Raking a form of communication
        Ticklish under fins, hehe

Best part: Watching under water, almost swimming, hearing clicking / whistles and then seeing (the dolphins) come from behind beneath me!

Funest part: Dancing w/them all.

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