Cruise to Bermuda, Other Notes

State room Attendant: Luis

Waiter: Michael
Assistant Waiter: Percival


(Karaoke Songs I Considered Singing)
      v (The Rose)

        Midnight Train to Georgia


      v Somewhere Out There

        California Dreamin’

      v Creep

      v Greatest Love of All

                                                Karaoke Finals

Female winner -> Fame (she did it better this time)
I’ve Got You Babe (was a hit the first time, not this round though)
Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue (she did better w/her other song)
___ To San Francisco (He was great again)
Harper Valley PTA (She did it better this time consistent, but still)
Me – Greatest Love of All (My best of the three I did)
(He did as well if not better)
Heartbreaker (by Pat Benetar) (She was some better and some not)
Male winner -> Billie Jean (crowd responded even better this time, he had
more clothing that worked, but still can’t sing)

Medals I won

Mini Crazy Golf - Gold, 1st place! 3,2,2
Ring Toss - Silver, 2nd female place, 7th or so overall
Wii Baseball - Silver, 2nd place(!) 10 home runs (the top score)
6 ” in “play offs” of 3
6 ” for the tie breaker
Kareoke Superstar - Gold, 2nd place? Female
- All 9 finalists got gold
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