I swear Aurora and I were communicating tonight by touch. She “kicked” two times, I pushed two times and said “Hi”, repeat cycle three times in the same spot. Then she got a little “quiet”, I pushed two times again. She responded with 6 rapid “kicks”! So I did 6. Then we went back to two, then she shifted, getting active in multiple places in my belly. I moved my hand to another active spot. She settled, and “kicked” twice a little lower than before. I pushed back twice at the spot near the first. Then she got real quiet, and my legs and back started protesting the holding of the same position for so long. I had to shift. She still moved some after that, but our “talk” was pretty much over. Ah well. SO COOL.

I wonder if she’ll remember. It would be SO COOL if a double push (I don’t know if it was her foot, hand, head, elbow, or what) became our signal to each other. Of course, I have to remember too!

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