1st Odd Craving This Round

So this morning I’m “sour stomach” morning sickness full swing, YUK, NOTHING looks or sounds good to eat. I figured out over last weekend that the sour stomach means I’m hungry. Doesn’t matter if I already ate or not, body (baby?) wants more, or at least something else. But I can NOT find ANYTHING I want. !!BAH!!

On my drive into work, I notice the Fall trees. It’s the late side, so maybe half the leaves still on the trees, and fewer trees still in full color. But there are more then enough to still see the beauty. And what do I think?

“Ooo, that looks good. I could eat that.”

And suddenly that’s all I crave. I want to stop the car, and pick some leaves to eat. Especially the yellow ones. Ooohhh, the yellow ones look so good! I can even picture myself pulling over and grabbing some and going on my way with them. Nom nom.

No worries, I don’t do it. I know not to. Sour sick gets worse, until Finally and Thankfully it turns to hunger. Instead of eating random tree leaves, when I get to work I poll for the place with the best salad for lunch. “Do you want Blah blah blah on that?” NO! LEAVES! Green! Do I want cheese? NO! Do I want nuts? NO! What part of pregnant and craving leaves do you not get? Do you have anything yellow? No? Do I want Cucumber? Is it green? Yes! Celery? Yes! (Hm, odd) Red onions? Hm, actually yes to that too. Of course the raspberry vinaigrette. I don’t actually like half the stuff I just ordered, gonna need something to cover it! Why are you making me pick a type of bread?

I TORE into that salad. Half way through I surfaced and started chewing, drinking water, and feeling normal-like again. Hey, that bread was actually pretty good… uh oh….

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