Harvard 15th Reunion Report

My daughter was born not too long after our last reunion in 2010. She has made my life better than it ever was! She also immediately replaced my brother and I as my mother’s favorite child, heh. But she has helped heal the family, bringing us all closer. It’s wonderful and amazing watching and helping her grow. I love her so much. I remember holding her one night as a baby and thinking it was a little sad that I would never be happier in my life as I was then. Hopefully, there will be one more to make that moment repeat.

In 2012 I lost my last living grandparent. It was hard on us all. I was surprised at how long the loss affected me, and not just because I moved up a generation.

I was downsized out of a job late in 2012, but landed on my feet at a new job in a better position. Finally a Senior developer! This past Summer (2014) I also was given my first project to lead, it’s been great, educational, and challenging. They keep telling me I’m doing a great job. I must be, because I got a raise too!

This past August (2014) my brother got married. I’m very happy to have her for a sister-in-law! It took Amber a while, but she’s finally calling her Aunt.

The last five years have also seen me as the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding in SC in 2011, joining a church in 2010 and becoming a deacon in my church in 2012, running 3 blood drives in 2012, visiting Alaska and glaciers for the first time – including landing on one! – on a Disney cruise in 2012, going on trips to visit people in 2013, returning to Star Trek conventions, dealing with high blood pressure, dealing with house problems as well as enjoyments, and experiencing the joys and worries of being a Mom. Wow!

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