Why I Supported the Affordible Care Act (besides being a decent person)

I know, not supposed to share about politics. But, even one person helped makes it worth it, right?

This is exactly why I realized health care for all was needed. When I landed in the hospital by surprise for only one night due to a rare serious medication side effect. I had insurance, but I got to see that hospital charge was $14,000 without insurance and only $4,500 with insurance. Crazy! The power of being a part of a large insurance group. (And then my work offered insurance paid for 90% of that so I only paid about $450. I’m hoping we can get all people to that level one day too. One step at a time.)

Jennifer Michelle German shared HealthCare.gov’s photo:

In this week’s comment from the community, Susan V. shares how affordable coverage helped her avoid an astronomical hospital bill:

“Just got my hospital bill; $152,000 to have emergency gallbladder surgery and 6 day hospital stay. Got insurance jan 1 after being uninsurable. My cost $1050, this just saved me from a major hit.”

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