Moon Artifact

I now possess a 1inch triangle piece of paper that has been to the Moon’s surface. Good night.

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  1. trekker9er says:

    Allison S. Cartwright, Heather Butler, Katie Colman, Mona Lucius, Katherine A. Quible, David Vandenabeele, Joe Kingston and Joy Paige Duffy like this.

    Allison Hodges
    For reals?
    March 23 at 11:20pm

    Katie Colman
    Well dang that blows all other gifts to get you out of the water. What do we do now?
    March 24 at 12:23am

    Kiley S Spade
    Do tell! Inquiring minds want to know!
    March 24 at 1:55am

    Patrick LaPete
    March 24 at 5:39am

    Jennifer Michelle German
    Yes, for reals! As for gifts now, I’m sure there’s a few things….

    Details: It’s a piece of a schematic book from Apollo 16′s lunar module Orion. Flown in the module to the Moon’s surface by Astronaut Charles Duke, who was able to keep it after the mission. He donated it to the Astronaut scholarship foundation (, and it was included in the 2010 Space Artifact series ( One of Mom’s friends at her job showed this site to her, and she got really excited and sent the link to me. The three of us picked the 2010 series as the most interesting to us all, and Mom bought it for me!

    I, of course, also am interested in the 2012 series as it’s the Space Shuttle series (there’s one or two more space shuttle artifacts in the 2011 series). But yeah, something that’s been on the Moon is amazing.

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