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Moon Artifact

I now possess a 1inch triangle piece of paper that has been to the Moon’s surface. Good night.

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Sorry for this religious post, but I’m tired of seeing the other posts showing up in my news feed. This one is fairly close to my take on things. Here’s my take: Let people die in peace. Let their families … Continue reading

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More Swimming

Woah! Heading to bed at a near decent time for the first time since last Thursday! In other news: Swam 7 laps in under 10 min today, with 17 seconds to spare! Swam 9 total. Given I only got to … Continue reading

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Why I Supported the Affordible Care Act (besides being a decent person)

I know, not supposed to share about politics. But, even one person helped makes it worth it, right? This is exactly why I realized health care for all was needed. When I landed in the hospital by surprise for only … Continue reading

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Found My Bottom Limit

Was rushing in the snow to get Amber into the car at the grocery store this evening. Despite being OVER this below 20 degree weather, I do so still love snow. Ahhhh

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