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Swimming Better Than Sick

Swam 10 laps today, took just under 15 min. First 7 laps in 10 min (+.75 second). Spent 20 min total in the pool. Nothing I tried was too hard. I even managed to do 4 strokes between breaths for … Continue reading

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Belle’s Blue dress

Amber wants Belle’s Blue dress. I’m pretty sure I can get away with this version of Dorothy in sold blue with an apron. It’d be better if I could find an actual sleeveless/strap dress pattern though. Side note: Despite how … Continue reading

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Sewing Scissors

Odd mindset I’m in, wouldn’t normally share this, but I get the fabric scissors are NOT for paper or anything else.

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Shoveling! -Swimming

Instead of swimming today I went shoveling. Ahh shoveling snow that fell in 23 degrees when it’s 34 degrees. Man, I could just keep shoveling. But, it was 5-6 inches deep, compacted by lots of foot steps, so my back … Continue reading

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Nothing like lying in the peaceful snow to realign my psyche. :)

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Oh the Snow

Last weekend I realized (or I decided) it’s going to start warming up in two weeks. Spring is closer than we think. Part of me wants it, because I want to take Amber outside. If only it’d been in the … Continue reading

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America’s Snowiest Cities 2014

Does this mean Southern MI got more snow than Northern? Hmm. 4 of the top 10 cities were in MI this year. 3 in NY. Only one in MT because to be on this list a city has to have … Continue reading

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Glove Gone

I was like: OH NO! One of the work gloves Allison made for me years ago is lost! WAHHH! Allison!! Make me more PLEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!?!?? Next Day: Oh hey… is there something in the pocket of my work coat? Oh, hey! … Continue reading

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