Happy Sigh

Had awesome first dream last night of getting to go on a “shuttle” into space to the ISS. Made it into space enough where we could see the whole of Earth from the big front window (I know, ISS is closer to Earth than that – it was a dream!).

A bunch of us went up, all people I know (at least in the dream) except for the actual astronauts. Amber and I were going because it was the way to treat/cure her condition (I’m going to presume that’s seizures, but I don’t recall specifically what was wrong in the dream). There are many details from the dream I can’t quite articulate, or would simply take me too long to write now. So here’s some caption: Besides seeing Earth from above, which elicited lots of inhalations and Ahhhs, the fun parts of the dream included getting people into chairs and situated before take off – this was a big chunk of the dream-, the actual take-off itself, and of course being on the Space Station. I can’t say ISS, because while small-ish the station wasn’t set up at all like ISS.

This was my second visit to that space station in dreams, and not just in the dream. Now awake I remember parts of a dream from last year or so where I went to that station. I believe I was the only non-astronaut then, or else I actually was an astronaut in that dream. That first dream was much more technical involved and space involved, and much less people involved. I remember it ending with us (me?) heading off towards the stars, or visiting like an asteroid or something and turning looking off towards the constellations. Either way, there was some swinging back and forth in space and once feeling lost from the station and wondering/concerning over if I could get back. I think I knew I wasn’t lost in space, just couldn’t reach the station.

Anyway, back to this dream. It was cool being the only non-astronaut to be returning. The main area, central area, and control area are one big translucent semi-sphere, so we could see in as we were docking. I don’t remember actually getting off the ship and onto the station, but I do remember being in the central area. And that two of the astronauts remembered me! I dream transitioned right about when I was going to check on something I had left/used/marked in a table-top drawer-like cubby the last time I’d been there.

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